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Flat sheet roll forming machine
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ZX-15-225-900 Flat sheet roll forming machine
1. Installing Dimension:6300mm×1300mm×1200mm
2.Totral weight: about3.5t
3.Controlled System: PLC
4. Main Motor Power: 3kw
Cutting Power: 3kw
5. Working Speed: about22mm\min
6. Hydraulic station power10-12mpa
7. Thickness 0.2-1.0mm
8. Feeding width1000mm
9. Effective width: 900mm   Space:225  Depth:15mm
10. Steps of roller: 10steps
11. Material of roller shafts: 45#steel adjustable
12. Usage: Roof Panel for Warehouses, Houses, Hangars etc.
1. Installing Dimension:5500mm*1300mm*1400mm
2. Total Weight: about3.5T
3. Electronically Controlled System: the whole machine is controlled by the PLC variable frequency control of the industrial computer
4.  Main Motor Power: 3kw
5. Step of rollers: 11steps
6. Working Speed:8000mm/min
7. The plate thickness 0.2-0.8mm
8. Feeding width1000mm
9. Effective width : 840mm   Space:210  Depth:15mm
10. Power source380kw 50HZ
11. Working speed: 10m/min

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